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West Bolz is a native of Charlotte, NC.  His grandmother was a published composer and his father a pianist/cellist/bassist, so you could say music is in his blood.   He plays acoustic shows frequently around the Carolinas, with perhaps the widest variety of music styles of anyone around.  He cut his teeth on the Athens, GA music scene in groups like Atomic Cafe and Tropico.  After getting hitched to Venezuelan singer, Iliana, he went on to direct her group, Eta Carina, which at one point became a 12-pc. orchestra.  The last few years have seen him play as sideman with various Charlotte acts, and also as bandleader for groups such as Banana Pancakes, The Polyester Apocalypse, and The One Trick Ponies.  You can also see him on bass with his old cronies in Furious George.  When not performing, you'll find West engaged in his remodeling business, or teaching Indonesian martial arts.  


West and Iliana began Zolana Entertainment in 2003 as the booking arm for their bands.   With over 1000 performances under their belt, they are always eager to please another crowd and break into a new market.


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Iliana Ramirez Bolz is a native of Valencia, Venezuela.   She was a performer in a party band there, and then became active in booking the groups she worked with.  Upon moving to the USA, she became a part of the Athens, GA based Latin ensemble, Tropico, where she met West.  They went on to found the Latin combo, Eta Carina, which dazzled the dance communities of the Carolinas, and later grew to a full-sized salsa orchestra, Orquesta Carolina.  


She now manages some of the Zolana bands, and handles promotions and bookings.  She also teaches Spanish at a school for gifted children, and raises a few of her own.